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Mar 12, 2013 8:00am PDT
san francisco. san francisco has palm trees. the same latitude is san francisco. here's washington, d.c. honey, the best they can do are cherry trees, okay? [laughter] no palm trees. the only palm trees in washington, d.c. are in the hotel lobbies, okay? right? but we have palm trees in san francisco, and why is that? same latitude, same amount of sunshine per unit area, see? but it turns out, what? we got the gulf stream-- not the gulf stream-- we've got the ocean out here. now that ocean, if that ocean in the wintertime cools down a little bit, what's the air do? you wu. - warm up. - warm up, okay? and if it blows this way, what's it hit? begin with a cal f-o-r-n-i-- so california is a much warmer place in the winter than east coast communities of the same latitude. ain't that neat, okay? in fact, any place that's surrounded by water has just about the same temperature all year round. how about the best place in the world, right here? [laughter] that's hawaii, huh? the hawaiian islands, okay? the hawaiian islands about the same temperature all year round, but not only the hawaiia
Mar 27, 2013 3:00pm PDT
2003, which overturned sodomy laws. and we came back in 2004 after we exchanged vows in san francisco city hall. we came here on a bus tour across the country with other same-sex couples, married in city hall and our friends and loved ones and supporters to rally in washington. at that point we really thought, is this going to let happen in our lifetime? but now we are here and we know it is happening in our lifetime. in fact, it is happening as we speak. these justices really need to decide what side of history they want to be on. >> attorney charles cooper cooper sparred over the welfare of children of same- sex couples with justice kennedy. >> i think there is substance to the points that the sociological information is new. we have five years of information to weigh against two dozen years of history or more. on the other hand, there is an whatiate legal injury or could be a legal injury, and that is the voice of these children. there are some 40,000 children in california that live with same-sex parents, according to the brief. they want their parents to have full recognition. the voi
Mar 21, 2013 8:00am PDT
like if aircraft go from san francisco to new york faster than the speed of sound, guess what there's a trail underneath there. wreckage, honey, wreckage, because that shock wave is gonna drag right across the ground and hit everyone underneath there. so, you got a chicken coop there that's not built too well, right? all of a sudden-- and it is even worse, 'cause it turns out that the high-pressure region is followed by a low-pressure region. ever be waterskiing? then you go to the edges, hoop, you come up like that? what's on the other side. hoo, down. --on this side, called the bow wave, you know? i think not the bow wave, the tail wave, see? 'cause you get overlappings of high pressure and you get overlappings of low pressure. in the case of sound, you get overlappings of-- what do you call it, compressions. where all the compressions overlap, high pressure, where all the rarefactions overlap, low pressure is what you get. all of a sudden boom, high pressure followed by low pressure. this are like boom, boom and-- so it's even more devastating than sonic boom because of rapid high
Mar 19, 2013 8:00am PDT
san francisco in the seventies to go hot tubbing. you guys, when you meet someone new, you go to a movie or something, right? [laughter] i remember one time, this lady, i asked her out, asked her to go to a movie. says, "why don't we just get to know each other better? why don't we go to the grand central hot tubs?" [laughter] i don't know her yet, you know? i have this--my fondest dreams went a little bit too fast. "can i handle this?" you know? it's a true story, by the way. and so--yeah, we went to the hot tub. hey, and in the hot tubs, all my students were there. "hey, what are you doing here?" "hey, mister hewitt, what are you doing here?" [laughter] "hey, hewitt. "hey, that check-your-neighbor routine worked, didn't it? hey, all right." but, anyway, i got in the hot tub there, and it's really, really hot, yeah? and i'm in there, and she's outside, and she says, "come on here, let's--come over here, i'll give you a rub down." "oh, i'll just stay in the water here a little longer." [laughter] that water's hot. and that water is hot, and guess what i'm doing inside that tub. swe
Mar 14, 2013 8:00am PDT
, for example, come over to see me in san francisco and he saw all the bars on the windows. "what are all these bars for?" i said, "that's to keep the thieves out." he say, "you guys are living with--you got the bars on the wrong side-- bars are on the thieves." "oh, no, no. the thieves have their rights, man, you know?" and other thing is we get so used to it, so used to it. first, the bar on this one as ain't before, you know, the whole city is a barricade, you know? something that happens slowly, slowly, slowly, you get used to and you accept. it's like the nuclear missiles, right? first a few, right? then a few more, then a few more gradually they-- living in a whole world ready to blow up and well, you kinda get used to it. [laughter] small enough doses. something happens in san francisco at fisherman's wharf all the time that kinda bothers me. it's like auschwitz there. auschwitz. you get down there you wanna get your crabs, you wanna get your lobsters or you go to fisherman's wharf and you wanna order a nice lobster dinner. now how do you-- what do you think that-- with tha
Mar 19, 2013 3:00pm PDT
the heart of northern california, midway between san francisco and sacramento. once you step inside, you'll soon realize it's 3 acres of land that's bursting with color, wonderful smells, and a huge variety of all kinds of herbs and plants. >> this is an ornamental sage called salvia san carlos festival. this one is a soapwort, saponaria. and the old soapworts, of course, you would take the leaves, and you could actually make them into a natural soap. this is one of our favorite sages, grape-scented sage. the flowers taste like grapes. >> for the last 15 years, rose loveall-sale and her husband dan have been running this farm, but the land has actually been in their family for generations. >> this property at one point was owned by my great-grandparents, and then they sold it to some friends who sold it back to my parents. and they grew walnut trees here. so--and my family actually has been here since the mid-teens of the last century. and they've been farming this area, this valley. >> rose studied forestry at u.c. berkeley but soon realized she really loved planting things. so, to
Mar 5, 2013 3:00pm PST
chickens at the institute's 1.5-acre student-run farm in st. helena, 2 hours north of san francisco. >> make sure they have plenty of water. we usually change it twice, at least twice a day. >> then it's time to harvest the potatoes he planted a few months ago. >> last year, we had a lot of different crops, but we didn't have potatoes. so this season, it was definitely something that i wanted to try. >> he came to the institute from the east coast hoping to become a chef, never realizing he'd end up laboring on a farm, learning first-hand all about farming and growing local produce like squash. these colorful blossoms are harvested as well, even if they're not fully open. >> we have a dish which--it's a squash blossom risotto, and with the open ones, we just kind of stir it into the risotto at the last minute, so it kind of wilts, and it swirls around. >> he's one of about 72 students getting an associate degree at the culinary institute, which claims to be the world's premier culinary college. steve ells, who founded the chain chipotle, graduated from the cia in 1990, and cat cora, known in
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)